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Moon Bunny | She/They/(Bun) | ♤ | INTP | ♑︎

Hey, I'm Mur! (I also go by Yixxie, Bunny/Bun, etc.) I'm a 21 y/o freelance/hobbyist art bunny!

I draw, scream nonsensically, and try to spread happiness in the little ways ♡

I'm always rather tired due to a few chronic health conditions, but I thank everyone who allows me to support myself and do what I love every day!

I'm a SFW artist in terms of never creating sexual content, but my work may include depictions or references to substance use, gore, and otherwise edgy dumb things. (I do not condone the mirroring of my behavior/themes in real life.)

Disclaimer: ALL of my characters, not just exclusively my self representations (personas, mascots, etc) are SFW only! My personas also specifically DO NOT have anatomy.
Please don't sexualize or otherwise depict them in any obviously suggestive or risqué form.

All of characters and info can be found on my Toyhouse!

Murbunny | Primary Sona

Murbunny (often just referred to as Mur or Bun/Bunny) has been my persona since 2016 now! Her entire existence was the result of my pet names, and the fact I've just kind of been associating with bunnies since I had an online presence. Her simplicity reflects my preferences for minimalism, but is honestly also just characteristic of myself in general. I resonate heavily with the concept of the Moon Bunny, and frankly, as a frail little albino girl, the shoe fits.

Murcoon | Secondary Sona

Murcoon was my joke response to being sent a picture of an albino raccoon on a skateboard. Albinism in animals doesn't always present the same way it does in humans, so seeing a "blonde" raccoon struck a chord with me, and prompted her existence! She's my cozy secondary persona ♡

Yixxie | "Mascot"

Yixxie is my complete overhaul of my OC/mascot Yix, from my Invader Zim days on Flipnote Hatena and Deviantart! While I still keep Yix around, Yixxie (sometimes referred to as "Mochi," in reference to the Moon Bunny; I'm feeling out the changes) is my main account mascot, and in a way, another sona! She' represents my more energetic and impulsive/chaotic side, so she IS me in a way, and also isn't me at all! I'm fine being referred to or drawn/portrayed as her!

Bun | "Mascot"

Bun was sort of an accident. When drawing myself, I sometimes "minimize" things, hence her just being a simple bunny. Please note that not every depiction of this bunny is supposed to be me. She's sort of become my mini profile "mascot," and merch mascot! It's also my vague way or portraying anything/anyone! I love bunnies ♡

Support Me ♡

I keep my commission status up to date on my Twitter! Please refer to it for openings and message me there with inquiries!
My commission info itself can be found on my site, and my progress is always tracked on my Trello!

And of course if you just want to throw me a tip, my KoFi or Patreon would be the place. Thank you everyone!